Textile preparation products

We have a wide range of preparation aids to work with all types of fibres, processes and machinery in the textile industry. Both in continuous and discontinuous processes.


Products that eliminate the formation of foam and considerably reduce its stability. They also reduce the superficial tension, breaking the film that stabilizes the foam.


Catalase enzymes to eliminate hydrogen peroxid waste in the chemical bleaching processes on cellulose and its blends.


Compounds based on synergic mixtures with different functionalities for special bleaching processes of cellulosic fibres at low temperatures that allow water and energy savings and minimise fibre deterioration.


Wide range of biodegradable detergents, with and without ecological solvents, with antifoam properties and applicable in hard conditions for the pH.


Amylase enzymes for eliminating sizing agents based on starches and its mixtures.


Polivalent auxiliaries for the simultaneous scouring and bleaching of cellulose fibres and its blends in exhaust method or continuous processes. Regulates the action of hydrogen peroxid, making a perfect and uniform bleaching.


Products that facilitate wetting and penetration of textiles through water or aqueous solutions with antifoam properties and applicable in hard conditions for the pH.


Auxiliaries for the preparation and dyeing of all kind of textile fibres, in continuous and discontinuous processes which form complexes with all kind of metals that are present in the water of the treatments, avoiding limestone inlays in the plants.

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