Auxiliaries for dyeing

We have a wide range of dyeing auxiliaries to work with all types of fibres, processes and machinery in the textile industry. Both in continuous and discontinuous processes.


Auxiliaries to get the best pH in the dyeing of reactive dyes.


Products that eliminate the formation of foam and reduce considerably its stability.


Auxiliaries that solve the problem of the static electricity generated on the surface of some material because of frictions during the processes.


Auxiliaries that avoid the movement of the dyes on the dyed or printed items.


Reducing agent, with great antioxidant power.


Agents that avoid the reduction of the reactive and disperse dyes and the over reduction of vat dyes.


Optical brighteners for all types of natural and synthetic fibres, based on organic compounds that absorb ultraviolet light and emit it as visible light, thus increasing the visual sensation of whiteness. They are generally applied in the chemical bleaching process of the fibres but can be applied separately in both continuous and discontinuous processes.


Ecological auxiliaries which facilitate the dyeing of polyester with disperse dyes.


Wide range of auxiliaries which facilitate the dispersion of the dyes.


Products which facilitate the wetting and penetration of textile items through water or aqueous solutions.


Auxiliaries which thanks to a levelling effect facilitate the penetration of the dye bath, improve the exhaustion and avoid difference in shades.


Anti-crease products for dyeing processes and finishing of all kind of fibres.


Auxiliaries that because of a migrating effect help the penetration of the dyeing and the exhaustion and avoid differences in colour shade.


Wide range of auxiliaries for the post-treatment of polyester dyeing for the cleaning of the adhered dyes on the surface.


Auxiliaries for the preparation and dyeing of all kind of textile fibres, in continuous and discontinuous processes which form complexes with all kind of metals that are present in the water of the treatments, avoiding limestone inlays in the plants.


Auxiliaries used for the dyeing or finishing of fibres in acid medium. They let the value of the pH change through a dosed quantity and when the value required is reached, it stays unchanged.


Acid doner which is used in dyeing and printing provoking a progressive decrease of pH in relation to the temperature.

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